We are ready to pamper you!

You'll be taking home few more pounds with you

The Staff,

 Is charming, well trained, and eager to please. Their desire is, that guests have a wonderful stay. Two chefs and two waiters will attend the guests 12 hours daily. Two maids will clean the bedrooms and common areas of the villa.  Our concierge will pre stock the villa and manage purchases during your stay. Our service manager will greet guests upon arrival and visit daily to assist them in any way possible. 


Food and Liquor,

The menus are selected by the guest previous to arrival. Our rental representative will maintain communications with guests from the rental period until all menu options are planned and finalized.  All the shopping will be done by the concierge, prior to guests arrival, on an “at cost” basis; there is no mark-up. [Please note: no credit cards accepted.] Upon arrival, a balance of purchases will be presented to the guest and a reimbursement will be solicited at this point. Guests will be able to check purchases, stock etc, since everything will be placed in open areas, accessible for them.

The chefs are trained under American standards, and wash all fruits and vegetables in a purifying agent prior to their storage in the refrigerator.